Final Wrap-Up for Bear’s Rainbow CAL

As we close up this Crochet-Along, feel free to poke around the site and get inspired! Check out our little Gallery, and peruse the links in the sidebar for ideas to use those yarn remnants for some pretty makes. My favorite projects are those that have the most different colors mixed up together, as they always have the most soul. May your scrappy blankets always be bright!

Mary and I are looking for our next adventure, so stay tuned!


In the meantime, we got a mention! ūüôā

Mary got a great mention by Shelley of Spincushions fame for her Tight Join! Check out the article on Joining Granny Squares  over on the Spincushions site.

Pretty Scrappy Blankets All Around!

My favorite Scrappy CAL progress pics are from SpringTimeVoodoo on IG! She showed us this pretty ring of rainbow color, then gave us adorable shots of her kiddoes modelling the Bear’s Rainbow Blanket. (Seriously, why do¬†babies (and cats!)¬†love to sprawl across your blanket when you want to take a photo?!)



Since our Bear’s Rainbow Blanket CAL is coming to a close, I thought I’d peruse the crochet tag on Instagram, scouting out scrappy blankets. Lookie what I found!

This pastel baby blanket and matching pillow is absolutely divine! Made by IG user: EmiliaDesert



And this hexagon granny scrappy blanket – I’m itching to make this! I love the solid DC on the joining parts of the motif. So professional! IG user: BuyitMakeit



Last but not least: this crisp and clean dreamy blanket. I’ve always loved the Flowers in the Snow design and it looks so great with some scrappy yarn. The white background makes anything look great!



I can’t even decide what to make next!

– Admin Rachele

Bear’s Rainbow Blanket in IG-Land!

It’s been a blast looking at everyone’s progress on Instagram. I have been eagerly awaiting a spare moment to post, and it finally came! Check out a few more folks who have finished their Bear’s Rainbow Blanket:


aemeabe – instagram

aemeabe has finished her gorgeous blanket – loving the grey and the border.


talesfromtrish – instagram

…And a great progress shot by newcomer, springtimevoodoo – who is using my FAVORITE yarn: Hobby Lobby’s “I Love this Yarn” ūüôā


springtimevoodoo – instagram

Progress Updates!

Hello everyone!¬† Admin Mary here.¬† It’s hot outside.¬† That means I am not making as much progress as I would like on my own Bear’s blanket.¬† However, I did finish up a little postage stamp blanket – which I will share with you in a minute.¬† For now, I have to show you some amazing finished scrappy blankets from Rachel!

ImageThis little scrappy postage stamp has a background of pink.¬† I’ve always wanted to do this and just can’t seem to match my colors right.¬† Rachel makes it look simple… and beautiful!

ImagePostage Stamp Scrappiness in all it’s glory!¬† Look at that little cutie in the center!

ImageSpeaking of cute little babes on a blanket, look at this scrappy Bear’s Blanket from tabelite25!¬† The colors are so yummy!

Imageaemeabe is on her way to finishing her Bear’s blanket, too!¬† She is sewing hers together from what I hear.¬† I can’t wait to see the finished result!

Imageartsybit wasn’t sure on these colors… but I think they look great together!¬† Love the warms and the cools meshing together!

ImageAnd lastly, my little postage stamp scrappy baby blanket!¬† I’m always in shock that I have that many colors laying around.¬† I’ll admit it – I hoard acrylic yarn.¬† I have to have one of every color.¬† I can’t resist.

I can’t wait to see the progress as everyone continues their scrappies!¬† I am still working on my Bear’s Blanket, so hopefully I can finish that one up and unveil it soon, too.¬† Keep in mind, scrappy blankets are not limited to postage stamp and Bear’s Blanket only.¬† If you have any other pattern you use for your scrappy blankets, I would love to hear about them!¬† The more, the merrier!¬† I have two secret ones in the works… more on them later!

Instagram #scrappycal Progress!

Admin Mary here!

I have returned from my journey to Canada and back, and it’s time to check up on everyone that is participating in the Scrappy Crochet-A-Long!


aemeabe’s beautiful work!¬† Love the border color…


llchika73’s beautiful assorted mix!


tabelite25 was able to get her Mom to start up, too!¬† And we have to show one more picture from her progress…


Beautiful rainbow squares!  Yummy!


sha119 picked beautiful shades of blue!¬† I feel like I’m near the ocean…

Now that I am back form my summer vacation, I should get crackin’ on finishing my own scappy blanket.¬† These pictures have given me the inspiration!¬† Thank you everyone!

Lovely Developments

Good morning, everyone from Admin Rachele! Are we all enjoying this pattern? There are so many color choices for the squares РI know no two schemes are alike amongst our members.

The original blanket has many different colors, and while I¬†am working mine with a pale neon palette, I¬†only really have 5 or 6 colors – not optimal for the¬†shaded effect.¬†I really meditated on what type of layout I would do. Random? Orderly? Well, after a few days it hit me. I am actually thinking of doing an Around the World color layout. What do y’all think? I’ll post pics here soon.

For now, here’s¬†a round-up of some progress pics from ScrappyCAL members.


Llchika73 has a growing stack of squares!


Beautiful shading by Talesfromtrish


Jenmariecrafts pastel collection


Aemeabe crochet on the go! Check out her IG feed for more great pics

Thanks y’all for the great updates! ūüôā

Joining Tutorial – Tight Join

Admin Mary here!  Hello!

I chose to do a tight join for my Bear’s Blanket.¬† This is my first tutorial, so hopefully it makes sense…¬† Let me know if there is anything I can improve on.¬† I’m here to make it as clear as I can.¬† ūüôā

First, I did not join the two DCs in the corner, but I DC into the next DC, then I took my hook off, and inserted it into the matching DC on the other block, like so:


(My hook is losing it’s color…¬† from so much use!)

Then I picked up that lonely, little loop and pulled it through:


Then, I DC into the original block:


Then repeat the process over and over until you want to stop.  It should look something like this:


A nice, tight join without having to sew – I am a big fan of that!

If you have any questions Рplease feel free to contact me here in the comment section, or message me on my facebook page, or find me on Instagram!  I also would love to hear any other joining techniques that you have used, too!