Gorgeous VLS – All joined up!

Just look at how the amazing CAL IG community is doing on their blankets! Getting ready for Step 4 🙂 My favorite part has been checking out the different color combinations and seeing how folks have tweaked the pattern so it’s perfect for them!

Flat Braid Join


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Step 3 of our CAL: Time to Join! (Part 1)

Welcome back to the MysterySquare2014 CAL!

Now it’s time to join our squares. And it’s a Choose Your Own Adventure 🙂 (Remember those books??) Today, I will go over the first option for joining: the Flat Braid Join. In Part 2 of this installment, I’ll demonstrate the other two joining options: Celtic Lace Join and Continuous Flat Braid Join.

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Joining Tutorial – Tight Join

Update – This join is now called “PLT Join” – this will help when searching for tutorials – thank you for visiting!

Admin Mary here!  Hello!

I chose to do a tight join for my Bear’s Blanket.  This is my first tutorial, so hopefully it makes sense…  Let me know if there is anything I can improve on.  I’m here to make it as clear as I can.  🙂

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A different kind of joining method… and some great progress pics!

If any of you have nabbed Rachele’s great Gumball pattern, then this joining method is going to be easy-peasy for you.  I modified what she had, and decided to not join the two DCs that I put into the corners, and instead join every DC along the side.  Basically, you make a DC, then drop if off your hook, go into the top of the DC on the other square, grab the loop on the DC you made, and pull it through… continue until everything is joined.  If there’s interest, I’d be happy to post a tutorial.  Just let me know!  It makes for a very strong, finished join… as seen here:


Also, I have been really excited seeing all the progress everyone else is making… check out a few of them!

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