CAL Spotlight: Joyce Herrmann

Miss Joyce Herrmann (catch her on IG) should be a guest host for this CAL, hehe! Once the Victorian Lattice Square really took off, Joyce was there, ready to dedicate an entire month to the pattern. During her exploration, she mixed in a lot of her own design elements and color theories, and I can truly say, Miss Joyce is an artist! She even wrote up the chart that is now included in the Victorian Lattice Square pattern – a thousand thank yous!

It all started with this hot pink lusciousness:


Then, look at this beauty! And what a gem, she wrote up a chart for the lace edging – seen below.


 Now, we’re getting creative! Things are heating up!


One of my favorites is featured as a main photo on the Ravelry page for this pattern, and with good reason. Wow is this ever pretty. I am in awe of how the contrast back panel peeks through the lace eyelets – genius! Talk about perfect for the holidays.


Reminds me of Frozen! How the mood can change just by flipping the switch on the color choice. This is also when I knew Miss Joyce was committed to exploring every possible color combination that she wanted to dream up – it’s just that addictive of a design!


Just wow! What a bright and joyous piece that would brighten any space.


The piece de resistance – an Autumn mix of lush muted tones are just perfection. I fell in love with this when Joyce used the Celtic Lace Join. It just really suits the pattern very well.



I’m craving pumpkin pie after seeing these colors! And how warm is this vibe? Fall palette plus a revival of the traditional white lace crochet equals total comfort.


Joyce’s latest VLS work – What will this turn into? Can’t wait to see 🙂

Thank you Miss Joyce! For letting me feature you on our little site, and for dedicating a month to this glorious pattern – perfection!