Wheels Within Wheels Blanket


I am so drawn to this scrappy pattern!

Wheels Within Wheels – Ravelry link in sidebar under “Pattern Inspiration”

I used ICE YARNS “Dancing Baby” for the wheel center and Bernat Softee Baby for the squaring off and the white background. This pattern will be a first for me because I am going to CROCHET THE FINISHED MOTIFS TOGETHER!! Sorry, I had to yell it because I almost exclusively join as I go… So, I’ll be SC-ing or Slst-ing them together. Haven’t decided which!

What’s your favorite scrappy blanket pattern? We may even add it to the site! 🙂

Bear’s Rainbow Blanket in IG-Land!

It’s been a blast looking at everyone’s progress on Instagram. I have been eagerly awaiting a spare moment to post, and it finally came! Check out a few more folks who have finished their Bear’s Rainbow Blanket:


aemeabe – instagram

aemeabe has finished her gorgeous blanket – loving the grey and the border.


talesfromtrish – instagram

…And a great progress shot by newcomer, springtimevoodoo – who is using my FAVORITE yarn: Hobby Lobby’s “I Love this Yarn” 🙂


springtimevoodoo – instagram