MysterySquare2014 – Step 4

In this step, you will add granny squares around the perimeter of your piece using the Flat Braid Join technique.

The first step in Step 4 is to lay your foundation round around your completed center piece from Step 3 – it is a super-easy round of chain loops.

Start in one corner with an (SC, Chain 3, SC). Chain 3, and SC in the next “loop” – What I mean is that when you are done with Step 3, the outside of your work looks like a lot of loops, but it’s actually just a bunch of DC and TR, going all around. Around all of these stitches, you’ll make SC, chain 3. See my photos below.

The example in the photo is for the Celtic Lace Join.


See in the photo how I have my finger in one spot and my hook in the another spot? Those 2 spots mark where each of your smaller granny squares will be joined. So one side of your granny square will fit between these spots, with the corners joined where my finger and hook are. You can use any granny square pattern, or even a mixture of several different patterns to mix it up! You just need to make sure that when you add a round of (SC, Chain 3, skip 2 stitches), you have the correct amount of chain loops for your square to fit.

I have written 2 patterns for squares that you can use for your blanket Step 4: Clover Center Granny, and Mini Victorian Lattice Square.

Adjacent square corners will both be joined into the same loop, either in a space like where my finger is, or in a space like where my hook is.

For the Celtic Lace Join, you need a square with 12 loops between corners, or 38 stitches between corners. If your square has fewer stitches, or more stitches, you can just make sure to make 12 loops “evenly spaced” between your two corners.

If you used Flat Braid Join to join your pieces together on Step 3, then you’ll have 9 chain loops between corners on your granny squares. In other words, when you put your finger and hook in the spots like below, you’ll have 9 loops between them instead of 12. You should have 29 stitches between corners, approximately.

IMG_3813 IMG_3814


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