Clover Center Granny Square – Option for Step 4 of CAL

This square can be used in Step 4 of your MysterySquare2014 CAL!

Alright! Now is a pattern for a granny square that you can use to go around your center piece. You will see that after several rounds, the square instructions split into our “Celtic Lace Joiners” and our “Flat Braid Joiners.” Remember, either way, you are joining these squares onto the blanket perimeter with Flat Braid Join.

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Featured CAL Artists

Take a look at these fantastic stacks of lush Victorian Lattice Squares and partial squares. I am so proud of everyone who is working along with us! This square is utterly captivating and seeing everyone’s interpretation of the design is what truly makes this project come to life for me.

Go on and browse through the #MysterySquare2014 tag (now over 300 posts!) and you’ll see there is so much more than what is simply featured in this post. Just precious work – pure happiness!

Shreescrochet – These colors are giving me life!

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Step 3 of our CAL: Time to Join! (Part 1)

Welcome back to the MysterySquare2014 CAL!

Now it’s time to join our squares. And it’s a Choose Your Own Adventure 🙂 (Remember those books??) Today, I will go over the first option for joining: the Flat Braid Join. In Part 2 of this installment, I’ll demonstrate the other two joining options: Celtic Lace Join and Continuous Flat Braid Join.

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Beautiful Makes: Victorian Lattice Square

Some stunning inspiration for your Victorian Lattice Squares! You’ll be starting a new project in no time – don’t we all need another WIP?  😉

bvcrochet – check out the perfect solid granny square pairing!

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New CAL: Mystery Square 2014!!

Mystery Square CAL

It’s mid July and this Scrappy li’l site is a bit dusty! But never fear – my little corner of the internet is just rushing with folks trying out this square by Destany of Instagram feed CayenneJalapeno. When I saw the square, I was so inspired that I just HAD to write up a pattern for it! Now Destany has written up her pattern, named it “Victorian Lattice Square,” and made it available on Ravelry! How great is that?!

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