Pretty Scrappy Blankets All Around!

My favorite Scrappy CAL progress pics are from SpringTimeVoodoo on IG! She showed us this pretty ring of rainbow color, then gave us adorable shots of her kiddoes modelling the Bear’s Rainbow Blanket. (Seriously, why do babies (and cats!) love to sprawl across your blanket when you want to take a photo?!)



Since our Bear’s Rainbow Blanket CAL is coming to a close, I thought I’d peruse the crochet tag on Instagram, scouting out scrappy blankets. Lookie what I found!

This pastel baby blanket and matching pillow is absolutely divine! Made by IG user: EmiliaDesert


And this hexagon granny scrappy blanket – I’m itching to make this! I love the solid DC on the joining parts of the motif. So professional! IG user: BuyitMakeit


Last but not least: this crisp and clean dreamy blanket. I’ve always loved the Flowers in the Snow design and it looks so great with some scrappy yarn. The white background makes anything look great!


I can’t even decide what to make next!

– Admin Rachele


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