Beautiful Makes: Victorian Lattice Square

Some stunning inspiration for your Victorian Lattice Squares! You’ll be starting a new project in no time – don’t we all need another WIP?  😉


bvcrochet – check out the perfect solid granny square pairing!


knottyhookercrochet – wowie! wonderful blanket in the works


diephotographin – crisp and clean in these gorgeous colors


joycelovescrochet – look at the beautiful border! chart is on her instagram


sherlock1372 – blue check is a bold and lush showcase for this design!


sibelliya – amazing cushion in stunning grey and mint


butterfly26964 – simply exquisite pastel and white baby blanket (uses “Celtic Lace Join” free tutorial at

Round ’em up!

In this li’l round-up, take a look at some of the luscious squares that y’all are starting on! I am just in love and I can’t wait to see how everyone progresses!

Great job, y’all!

giabets – showing her WIP and her baby bump! 🙂


angelala242 – gorgeous pale colors make this design sing!


bvcrochet – using delightful “I Love This Cotton” yarn


debbbbra – pinkalicious squares are lovely!


artsee_fartsy – a smaller version in gorgeous ivory



cayennejalapeno – admin destany! using gorgeous color


ceyhan65 – just gorgeous against that lovely fabric


anniedesigncrochet – lush lace with a beautiful flower!


deafmutesew – so crisp in a perfect white


emsfive – perfect purple for this lace beauty


crochet4cali – eeeek! adoring this in a bright yellow

New CAL: Mystery Square 2014!!

Mystery Square CAL

It’s mid July and this Scrappy li’l site is a bit dusty! But never fear – my little corner of the internet is just rushing with folks trying out this square by Destany of Instagram feed CayenneJalapeno. When I saw the square, I was so inspired that I just HAD to write up a pattern for it! Now Destany has written up her pattern, named it “Victorian Lattice Square,” and made it available on Ravelry! How great is that?!

Lots of crafty folks have been enjoying this pattern – enjoying it so much, in fact, that I think it merits a Crochet-A-Long!


CAL Details!

I’m playing with some design samples – this one has the featured square for the center, a round of smaller squares, and then about 6″ of fan and V stitch, plus a border (don’t quite know what border yet)! I’ll be working it in turquoise – YUM!

I am still working out the complete pattern that we’ll be following, but below, you can see the schedule that I have so far. On Instagram, tag progress pics as #mysterysquare2014. Along the way, Admin Destany and I will be checking in on your progress and reporting your beautiful creations! If you’d rather not follow along with my blanket, then feel free to do whatever you’d like with the Victorian Lattice Square! Once in a while, we’ll do a round-up of your unique piece progress for inspiration.

Mystery Square CAL – Schedule

Step 1:  August 1 – Make 13 Victorian Lattice Squares. My first square is pictured below 🙂 I did make a couple of adjustments to Destany’s pattern, just because I can’t ever leave a pattern alone!

Step 2: August 15 – Make half-motifs and quarter-motifs. I have a huge obsession with partial motifs, because they provide so much visual interest. On my post for this day, I’ll teach a bonus lesson on how I create partial motifs for hexagons, circles, and squares. (Edit: I’ll be making separate posts for this lesson!)

Step 3: September 1 – Work continuous join to piece everything together for the center square.

Join Option #1: Flat Braid Join

Join Option #2: Celtic Lace Join

Step 4: September 24 – (You have an extra week in here to catch up and join your center panel!) Attach smaller granny squares all around center motif.

Here is the Main Post for Step 4

Suggested Patterns for Smaller granny squares:

1: Clover Center Granny Square

2: Mini Victorian Lattice Granny Square

Step 5: October 7 – Work wide lace panel

Step 6: October 21 – Edging! Woo-hoOO!

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And the Victorian Lattice Square Finished Object Gallery!! Woooo!


Thanks to everyone following along! – Admin Rachele

Final Wrap-Up for Bear’s Rainbow CAL

As we close up this Crochet-Along, feel free to poke around the site and get inspired! Check out our little Gallery, and peruse the links in the sidebar for ideas to use those yarn remnants for some pretty makes. My favorite projects are those that have the most different colors mixed up together, as they always have the most soul. May your scrappy blankets always be bright!

Mary and I are looking for our next adventure, so stay tuned!


In the meantime, we got a mention! 🙂

Mary got a great mention by Shelley of Spincushions fame for her Tight Join! Check out the article on Joining Granny Squares  over on the Spincushions site.

Pretty Scrappy Blankets All Around!

My favorite Scrappy CAL progress pics are from SpringTimeVoodoo on IG! She showed us this pretty ring of rainbow color, then gave us adorable shots of her kiddoes modelling the Bear’s Rainbow Blanket. (Seriously, why do babies (and cats!) love to sprawl across your blanket when you want to take a photo?!)



Since our Bear’s Rainbow Blanket CAL is coming to a close, I thought I’d peruse the crochet tag on Instagram, scouting out scrappy blankets. Lookie what I found!

This pastel baby blanket and matching pillow is absolutely divine! Made by IG user: EmiliaDesert



And this hexagon granny scrappy blanket – I’m itching to make this! I love the solid DC on the joining parts of the motif. So professional! IG user: BuyitMakeit



Last but not least: this crisp and clean dreamy blanket. I’ve always loved the Flowers in the Snow design and it looks so great with some scrappy yarn. The white background makes anything look great!



I can’t even decide what to make next!

– Admin Rachele


Wheels Within Wheels Blanket


I am so drawn to this scrappy pattern!

Wheels Within Wheels – Ravelry link in sidebar under “Pattern Inspiration”

I used ICE YARNS “Dancing Baby” for the wheel center and Bernat Softee Baby for the squaring off and the white background. This pattern will be a first for me because I am going to CROCHET THE FINISHED MOTIFS TOGETHER!! Sorry, I had to yell it because I almost exclusively join as I go… So, I’ll be SC-ing or Slst-ing them together. Haven’t decided which!

What’s your favorite scrappy blanket pattern? We may even add it to the site! 🙂

Bear’s Rainbow Blanket in IG-Land!

It’s been a blast looking at everyone’s progress on Instagram. I have been eagerly awaiting a spare moment to post, and it finally came! Check out a few more folks who have finished their Bear’s Rainbow Blanket:


aemeabe – instagram

aemeabe has finished her gorgeous blanket – loving the grey and the border.


talesfromtrish – instagram

…And a great progress shot by newcomer, springtimevoodoo – who is using my FAVORITE yarn: Hobby Lobby’s “I Love this Yarn” 🙂


springtimevoodoo – instagram